What an egg-citing week!

What an egg’citing week! The Easter Holidays are back and that means only one thing… so is our Easter Holiday Club!  As the HaF coordinator for the entirety of Chorley, […]

Food Glorious Food

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD More than 1 in 4 young people in the UK now live in poverty and the cost of-living crisis is pushing that number higher and higher. That […]

Tree of Trees

Inspire gifts town with a special tree from The Queens Green Canopy Children’s charity, Inspire Youth Zone, was honoured to be donated a special tree from the ‘Tree of Trees’ […]

P’ain’t nothing they can’t do!

P’AINT NOTHING THEY CAN’T DO! Here we are transforming young lives, and there’s Bell Group transforming spaces… and wowowow what a job they do!  One of the largest Property Service […]

Session Update

Session Update “Closed due to unforeseen circumstances”… You may have seen that on our feeds a couple of times in the past few weeks. Unfortunately, there is a chance you […]

Impact 2022

DOWNLOAD OUR IMPACT REPORT HERE At Inspire we have one mission, to help all young people be the best they can be. 2022 was challenging to say the least. Whilst […]

<strong><u>A Satellite Safe Space!</u></strong>

A Satellite Safe Space. Working in partnership with the Chorley Neighbourhood Team and Fairview Community Centre, Inspire’s Detached team have launched a brand-new satellite site in Adlington. After an increase […]

Warm Belly, Warm Feet, Warm Heart

Warm Belly, Warm Feet, Warm Heart. …it’s exactly what it says on the tin! The cost-of-living crisis is affecting everyone one way or another. People who have never had to worry […]