Rainbow Hub conductive education comes to Inspire

As the summer holidays ended, we were delighted to welcome the team at Rainbow Hub to Inspire as work progresses developing their current site. 

For the next 10-months, we will play host to the team, providing a space for them to continue to offer conductive education to children with physical and neurological disabilities. As a fellow children’s charity, it’s been an honour for us to be able to open up our space for them to use whilst their building work takes place and seeing the work they do is inspiring. 

Lyndsay Fahey, CEO at Rainbow Hub, said “we were delighted when Inspire Youth Zone agreed to let us use their premises for our sessions.  The location and premises are ideal and a great fit.  Our sessions take place in the morning and early afternoon, whilst their work is out of school hours so they are not disrupted in any way. And the aim of both of our organisations is to help children and young people to fulfil their individual potential.”

She continued, “we also hope that our use of Inspire Youth Zone will also raise their profile in the community of disabled children who may not be aware of all they offer.”

Janine Blythe, CEO at Inspire Youth Zone, added: “Inclusion is at the heart of everything that we do at Inspire, from accessibility of the building through to each and every activity we run. Our core operation predominantly takes place when schools are shut, so when we received the request from Rainbow Hub to use our space throughout the school day, it seemed like the perfect alignment – allowing our facilities to be used to their full capacity.

The work the team from Rainbow Hub do is truly life changing and it fits completely with everything that we as an organisation are about. We’re really looking forward to this next year sharing not just a space, but also experience and expertise, because we know that we never stop learning and we never stop working to be best equipped to support young people of all abilities.”