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Sports & Partnerships Coordinator


Mentoring Coordinator

Zehra Faruki

Partnerships Coordinator

Ryan Whittaker

Senior Youth Work Coordinator

Caitlin Blythe

Senior Playwork Coordinator

The Green Team



HI! I’m Janine and I’m the Chief executive ast Inspire Youth Zone….

Ryan powell

head of operations

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m the Head of Operations at Inspire Youth Zone.

Email: ryan.powell@inspireyouthzone.org

Kirsty Peters

Head of Marketing & Communications


Email: kirsty.peters@inspireyouthzone.org



HI! I’m Mel and I’m the head of HR and centre at Inspire! 

Leigh asked me to make this bio fun so here goes…

What you’re passionate about? My New Puppy
You’re stuck on a desert island, what 1 food are you taking?  BiscuitsIf you was an animal what would you be? Sloth…. Be nice to take it easyDoes pineapple belong on pizza?  NoWho is your hero? My Daughter, she is fearlessWhat’s your favourite movie? Top GunEmail: melanie.rothwell@inspireyouthzone.org

Michael WIlkinson

Youth Work Manager (Seniors)

HI! I’m Michael and I’m Head of Youth Work for all of our Senior members. 

email: michael.wilkinson@inspireyouthzone.org

Ilona ramm

health & wellbeing co-ordinator

Hello, my name is Ilona and I am the Health and Wellbeing co-ordinator at Inspire Youth Zone. It has been a difficult time for lots of young people and adults recently. I feel it is important that we all take some time to reflect on our wellbeing and ask for help whenever we need it.

I am always here for young people and if you have any concerns or want to know anything about our programmes then don’t hesitate to email me.

Email: ilona.ramm@inspireyouthzone.org

Leigh Buckingham

digital media officer

Howdy! My name is Leigh and I’m the Digital Media Officer at Inspire Youth Zone. I am amazing and also responsible for this website. 

email: leigh.buckingham@inspireyouthzone.org

Michelle graham

participation & training co-ordinator

HI! I’m Michelle :) 

Email: michelle.graham@inspireyouthzone.org


REC CO-ORdinator

Hey, my name is Beth!Whether you need someone to chat to, play a game or you are interested in being the next Mary Berry, come and see me as I’m the Rec and Teaching Kitchen Coordinator! I have recently completed my Masters in Sport Psychology, so my passion lies in getting young people into activities and games to improve mental health and I also love sport, especially playing Rugby and watching American Football!

If I could take 1 food item to a dessert it would be CHEESE, I love it and you can have it in loads of ways! My claim to fame and strangest time is rather embarrassing but I had my 15 seconds of fame on a One Direction fan show like 10 years ago, can’t believe I just shared that haha! If you want me up and dancing, my guilty pleasure is “C’est la vie” and you may witness my attempt at Irish Dancing. If you have any questions for me just ask!

P.s. Pineapple DOES belong on Pizza!!

Email: bethany.henry@inspireyouthzone.org


Reception & systems specialist

Hi I’m Morgan and this is my human

Email: morgan.crook@inspireyouthzone.org