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A handful of lucky young people at Inspire Youth Zone were given the chance to play alongside Chorley FC’s penalty hero, Matty Urwin, at the centre’s 3G pitch.

At an evening session for Inspire’s Senior members (aged 12-19 or up to 25 with additional needs) the Chorley FC goalie surprised those in attendance when he entered the football pitch and joined in with the young people in a 7-a-side game.

A number of young people were overjoyed at the sight of the Magpies’ goalkeeper in their Youth Zone after they’d watched Urwin save three penalties to secure Chorley’s promotion to the National Conference earlier in May at Victory Park.

One young person excitedly exclaimed “It’s super Matty Urwin!” as he caught first glimpse of his hero.

Danny Coyle, Sports Co-ordinator at Inspire Youth Zone, organised the visit after learning that Urwin’s step-sister was a registered member and regularly attended the centres sessions.

Coyle said of the surprise visit: “It was a fantastic gesture by Matty to visit the centre and meet some of Chorley’s next generation, so many of the young people here look up to the Chorley players and especially Matty after his heroics in the play-offs.

“We love working with Chorley FC and our strong relationship continues to flourish thanks to their staff and players’ recognition of the work we do here at Inspire.

“We’re proud to be a part of the Magpie Family!”

After scoring the winner of the 7-a-side match at the Youth Zone, Urwin was swarmed by young people wanting a photo with their new hero who proved his worth outside of goal with a tidy finish.

Hours after Urwin had left, his flying visit was still on the lips of all young people at Inspire as they remained incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to play football with a player who was a key part of Chorley FC’s fantastic 2018/19 season.

One young person was overheard explaining to a friend that it would be “an experience I will never forget.”

Check out some of the photos below!


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