Our detached youth work operates within our local community, without the use of a building or activity and takes place where young people “are at” both geographically and developmentally.

Our work on detached supports and compliments our Centre based youth work. Primarily used to inform young people of services that exist at Inspire and to encourage them to use our services.

This can also seek to identify, through consultation with young people, any gaps that exist in services aimed at meeting their needs. At Inspire, we don’t just offer young people a place to go. We transform lives. We work to raise aspirations, enhance prospects, improve health and well-being, and support each young person to achieve their potential. It is so important to make sure we capture places in a non-centre based setting, which may include: parks, beach, bus-stops, pubs, cafes, shopping centres, streets or any other places where young people choose to informally gather.

Youth workers are part teacher, part social worker, part mental health professional and much more. For many young people, we are an extension of family. It is our duty to help them achieve the future they deserve. Through grit, determination and positivity.

4,253 Children in the Chorley Borough live in poverty and over the past 5 years, anti-social behaviour (ASB), and what we’re doing to combat it, has been a constant conversation topic. Through street based youth work, we’ve been able to develop strong relationships with young people both involved and at risk of ASB and helped them to change their course. We’ve also developed programmes aimed at giving these young people access to small group sessions and positive role models where they get dedicated support looking at all aspects of their lives. Ultimately these programmes are about empowering young people to make positive life choices by providing not only activities but work around understanding the impact and consequences their actions have/could have and we’ve witnessed drastic changes in behaviours and attitudes since the project started. 

Our end goal is getting Young People to engage with our services and are very thankful for our Detached work to be powered by Cadent.