Thanks to the support of our incredible community, last year we were able to provide so many hampers and gifts to families who otherwise would have gone without!

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to wake up to something nice on Christmas Day, so this year we have identified those families that we know need and deserve an extra bit of magic.

We’ve identified 40 families who this campaign would make a world of difference to… and now we just need your help.Β 

In previous years we have used Amazon wishlists and the like, but taking on feedback, we’re switching things up slightly…


  1. As an organisation you can rally together to create and donate hampers for full families. You’d just need to simply let us know how many families you’d like to support and we will provide you with all the finer details from the amount of people in the household to the age and interests of the children. This way we can ensure that each of the families receives Christmas in a bag, individually tailored for them.Β 

2. Whilst out and about doing your Christmas shopping, we’d be super grateful if you could pick up a few additional items (we’re talking anything from twiglets to twister and combs to concert tickets!) and drop them at Inspire to be included in our hampers.

Need some gift ideas? Check out the (not limited to) list below…

🎁 Pyjamas 🎁 Coats 🎁 Zip jackets 🎁 Hoodies 🎁 Fluffy socks 🎁 Hats 🎁 Football Shirts 🎁 Tracksuit Bottoms 🎁 Blankets 🎁 Hot Water Bottles 🎁 Toiletry Sets 🎁 Hairbrushes 🎁 Combs 🎁 Footballs 🎁 Rugby Balls 🎁 Lego Sets 🎁 Drawstring Bags 🎁 Water Bottles 🎁 Wristband Wallets 🎁 Skateboards 🎁 Helmets 🎁 Art Sets 🎁 Bluetooth Speakers 🎁 Wireless Headphones 🎁 Man Bags 🎁 Backpacks 🎁 Pencil Cases 🎁 Perfume 🎁 Aftershave 🎁 Make Up 🎁 Books 🎁 Xbox Live Vouchers 🎁Playstation Vouchers 🎁 Vouchers (Amazon, JD, Nandos) 🎁 Local Sport/Music Tickets 🎁 Mince Pies 🎁 Twiglets 🎁 Pringles 🎁Christmas Cake 🎁 Selection Boxes 🎁 Festive Biscuits

To get involved or find out more, email our Partnerships Assistant, Lucia at

Ryan powell

head of operations

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m the Head of Operations at Inspire Youth Zone.