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Youth Zone member Alfie has decided to ditch the games console and focus on improving his health and wellbeing since attending Inspire Youth Zone.

Alfie, who has been busy working on his fitness with gym instructors at the Youth Zone, says his confidence has increased since attending Inspire.

Throughout the World Cup tournament, Junior and Senior club members were challenged to cycle, run, walk or row the distance from Chorley to Russia. The “Road to Russia” challenge saw hundreds of Junior and Senior members achieve a combined distance of over 1,700 miles in the Inspire Youth Zone gym.

It was a proud moment for Alfie as he cycled the final mile – proving that hard work and determination pays off.

He has now sold his games console and spends his leisure time in the gym at Inspire.

In his own words, Alfie shared with us what Inspire means to him: “Before I came to the Youth Zone, I was sat playing on my games console a lot. My auntie passed away in March which made me really upset, so I had to find something to do.”

“My friend recommended Youth Zone so I tried it out and I met Oli from the gym. He is helping me become healthy and fit. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for the Youth Zone and all the staff that work there. I am really thankful because I feel more confident. ”

“The best memory I have is when we were all cycling over 1,700 miles to Russia (during the World Cup) and we would pull out the bikes, so we could watch TV and cycle. I come to the Youth Zone near enough every day, I am glad that it was built because right now I would be at home on my games console.”

Watch the video below to see Alfie cycle the final mile during Inspire’s ‘Road to Russia’ challenge: