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Leading Lancashire motor dealers the Chorley Group have signed up to the tune of £75,000 over three years as the first Founder Patron for our soon-to-be-developed Chorley Youth Zone.

Andrew Turner, who was appointed Chairman of the Youth Zone earlier this year, along with newly appointed Youth Zone Chief Executive, Janine Blythe, have the task of recruiting the Founder Patrons needed to secure the revenue funding of £650k to run the project year on year.

Andrew’s company, the Chorley Group, are the first local business to commit to becoming a founder patron and it is hoped this gesture will inspire others to support the Chorley Youth Zone project.

Andrew Turner commented: “The moment I heard about Chorley Youth Zone and signed up as Chairman, I knew it was exactly the type of facility the young people in this region needed. As a company, we are proud to offer our support to ensure that we can help build a brighter future for young people. It will make a huge difference to have this safe and inspiring place where young people can discover their talents, build their confidence and self-esteem and aspire to lead healthier and happier lives. We hope our commitment ‘inspires’ other local businesses to follow suit.”

Chorley Youth Zone Chief Executive Janine Blythe commented: “We are hugely thankful to The Chorley Group for its support towards Chorley Youth Zone and we are proud they are the first Founder Patron, leading the way for other Founder Patrons to join us. Revenue support is crucial to the sustainability of the Youth Zone and this backing will help give the young people of Chorley a safe and inspiring place to spend their leisure time.”

The Youth Zone is fast becoming a reality with the recent news that a planning application to build Inspire Youth Zone, was approved by Chorley Council, whilst The Queen’s Trust have recently donated £500k to support the town’s young people.

Becoming a Founder Patron of Inspire Youth Zone is a chance for the local businesses and philanthropists to create a legacy for the future of Chorley. Their support and endorsement of the project will serve to encourage others to invest in the future of the town’s young people. For more information about how to get involved please contact: Janine Blythe on 01204 362128 or email CE.InspireYZ@onsideyouthzones.org.

Construction work on our Youth Zone will start later this year.