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Saturday 18th August was Pride Day in the UK, and everyone at Inspire Youth Zone, Chorley joined in on the fun by hosting their own party to celebrate the event and encourage members to be proud of their individuality and who they are.

The event started at 11am and stretched into the night, finishing at 10pm after a UV disco and a colour splash, which left all involved covered in multi-coloured powder paint from head to toe.

Members took part in several activities and performances throughout the day that made the event even more memorable, and the youth zone was decorated with a large array of wonderful art and decorations as created by young members in the weeks leading up to the event.

“Pride Day at Inspire was an amazing day for staff, volunteers and members alike. Young people from all around Chorley attended throughout the day and had so much fun watching drama and dance performances by some of our senior members, as well as taking part in our colour splash, UV party and racing through the inflatable assault course.” Youth Work Manager, Ryan Powell, spoke highly of the event and of all the young people that attended. “We’re so proud to have hosted the event, and so proud of our members for celebrating individuality and self-pride in such an amazing and heart-warming manner.”

With plans to hold the event again next year, and to make it even bigger and better, it’s fair to say that Pride Day will continue to be a huge event in the diary of members for years to come.

Check out what happened in our highlights video below!