Kerax, Shining Brighter

In a testament to their solid support, Kerax moved up their donation status to Platinum Patron recently, upping their contribution to an incredible £25,000 per year, solidifying their commitment to Inspire Youth Zone.

Kerax have been a devoted supporter of Inspire since they became Patrons in March 2020, our partnership has grown significantly over the years, positively impacting the lives of young people in Chorley and the surrounding areas. Since this support was established, we found an invaluable ally in Kerax. The initial donation in 2020 marked the beginning of a rare collaboration aimed at providing resources and opportunities for local Young People.

Kerax’s dedication to Inspire Youth Zone has only strengthened with time. In February 2023, they moved up to the Prestige Patrons, reflecting their increasing involvement and support for our initiatives. Their impact has been crucial in enabling us to continue to do the work we do.

Going above their annual donation, Kerax also provides wax for our enterprise programme, an initiative designed to teach young people the fundamentals of setting up a business. Through this programme, participants use the wax to create candles and wax melts, which they then sell, gaining invaluable entrepreneurial experience.

Janine Blythe, CEO at Inspire said “The relationship we have with Kerax goes above and beyond anything we expected or imagined. Not only do they support us so we can support our community, they also donate wax to our Enterprise program so we can teach the next generation the skills and knowledge of Entrepreneurship. We are very fortunate to have businesses like Kerax, who without their support, we simply couldn’t provide the services we do.”

The partnership between Kerax and Inspire is an example of how businesses can play a pivotal role in community development. Kerax’s consistent and growing support has not only provided essential funding but has also helped equip young people with skills and experiences that pave the way for a brighter future.

Kerax’s journey from an initial donation to becoming a platinum patron is a story of dedication, generosity, and a shared vision of empowering the next generation. Inspire Youth Zone and the young people it is here for are undoubtedly stronger with Kerax by their side.