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Community charity, Inspire Chorley Youth Zone, is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Electricity North West.

The firm, which operates the North West’s power network, has teamed up with Chorley youngsters to empower a new ‘Energy Ambassadors Project’ to help generate understanding, energy saving advice and signposting for customer who may need extra support across the borough.

From fun science experiments, social media tips, community action initiatives and so much more, the young team aged 11 to 17 years old are tasked to inspire their peers’, families and the wider community to join them on this hugely important, environmental and money saving journey.

The partnership is the latest initiative by the charity as it continues to raise ambition and purpose throughout the town’s youngsters.

Speaking about the partnership Inspire Youth Zone’s Head of Fundraising, Karen Hunter said: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with Electricity North West on such an exciting project that will create real, tangible impacts both now and for the future.

“It’s so important that young people gain the knowledge and future life skills to reduce their own carbon footprint and combining this knowledge to share with our wider community is an amazing opportunity for our young people to make a huge difference to the Chorley community and beyond”.

Inspire Youth Zone Energy Ambassador Alfie Goodwin said: “It’s so important that young people understand more about electricity and how our usage effects both the World we live in and the money we spend! Just by leaving an Xbox on standby can cost you over £16 a year and when you add in all the extra unnecessary things we leave on, there are huge savings for so many families, but we need to raise more awareness.”

Electricity North West Partnership Manager Jill Hendry said: “We work with a diverse range of partners to help support our communities and we’re very excited to welcome Inspire Chorley Youth Zone as the latest addition to our Electricity North West family.

“The future for energy usage will be very different as we shift towards more sustainable technologies and young people, like members of Inspire Youth Zone, will be paramount in helping us to reach our green ambitions for the future”.

Jill added: “Whilst we look positively towards future decades, we also recognise that for some of our customers, they may need extra support today.

“We’re thrilled Inspire Youth Zone Energy Ambassadors will also help us raise awareness on the additional services we offer including helping customers understand how small changes can save money whilst also explaining about different tariffs, access to financial support or register as a priority user in the event of a power cut.”

Inspire Youth Zone’s Energy Ambassadors meet every Monday as part of the charities new Project Zone hour – if you’re under 19 and interested to find out more about the programme or the hundreds of other activities available at Inspire visit www.inspireyouthzone.org

If you would like to chat to Electricity North West about their additional support services telephone: 0800 195 4141 or email customerwelfareteam@enwl.co.uk