Empowering Young People Through Wrestling with the Lancashire Wrestling Federation!

We can’t believe we SOLD OUT for our CLASH AT THE CENTRE 2 with LWF wrestling last Friday night – 250 free tickets gone and we are so thankful for welcoming every single one of you for an action-packed evening!

Doors opened at 5:45pm followed by our very own Junior Wrestling members opening the show. 

Following the success of Inspire’s first ever wrestling show in partnership with The Lancashire Wrestling Federation (LWF), we proudly launched an 8-week project for our Junior members. With the aim of building and developing confidence, social skills, friendships, and discipline, the project resulted in remarkable transformations that have left everyone buzzing with positivity.


All the young people who took part really committed to the project and gave it their all, but there was one who really stood out. Wrestling enthusiast Freddie*, age 7, had jumped at the chance to be involved, but due to his additional needs, his parents had initially worried about how he would adapt to the new environment.


In those initial conversations, the Inspire team had agreed to have additional staff available to help manage the situation and best support Freddie on the project. By the end of session one however, we knew this wouldn’t be required as the LWF coaches unwavering commitment to what they do shone through, and they seamlessly adapted their sessions to accommodate.


Jennifer McGillivray, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator at Inspire said: “LWF have delivered some of the best Youth Work I have ever seen by an external organisation. The way they engage and interact with young people of different needs and abilities is amazing.”


In the initial session, Freddie was quite shy and reserved but as the project unfolded, a magnificent transformation took place, and he well and truly came out of his shell. He went from “I want to be like Bobby Lashley”, to “I can be like Bobby Lashley” with the project providing a milestone to work towards… his own ‘entrance walk out’ at our Summer HaF Wrestling Show.


Testament to the impact of the project and the LWF Coaches, Freddie has been able to share his interest in wrestling, develop his skills and knowledge in the activity, and more than that, it provided a platform for him to improve his confidence, behaviour, and social skills. Far beyond the wrestling ring, its given Freddie the opportunity to forge relationships and friendships with both the coaches and other young people with him now feeling comfortable sparking and participating in conversations.


Wrestling has worked as a building block for Freddie to get further engaged in the Youth Zone and continue to develop his personal skills. He has come so far in such a short space of time, and we look forward to continuing to work with him and watch him further grow.