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Young people from Chorley have been learning from Chorley Council Leader Alistair Bradley about the impact their new Youth Zone ‘Inspire’ will have on the town.

Chorley’s new youth facility is fast becoming a reality with the recent submission of a planning application to build Inspire, Chorley Youth Zone. Chorley Council is a strategic partner as well as a significant funder and their support is crucial to the success of the project.

Young people who have worked on the brand ‘Inspire’ and who will continue to have their say on aspects such as the facilities and activities within their Youth Zone, sat down with the Council Leader Alistair Bradley to ask him just why the council is investing in them.

The young people quizzed Councillor Bradley on all aspects from why the town needs a facility like this, the importance of partnership work and why young people are important in the process.


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Councillor Bradley said: “It was an absolute pleasure to speak to the young people about the proposed new Youth Zone, their enthusiasm for this project fills me with huge confidence for its success. People have been telling us that our young people need somewhere to go where they can enjoy their spare time and to help them fulfil their potential, this Youth Zone would deliver something exciting for all young people across Chorley. By working together we could create a top class facility, giving our young people somewhere they could be proud of.”

Chorley’s Young People’s Development Group said: “Inspire will be a facility for all young people so it’s important young people are involved in the whole process. Interviewing the Council Leader was a great experience for us all. To hear his thoughts on why the council is supporting young people across Chorley made us feel very proud and we are really thankful for Chorley Council’s support.”

Chorley Youth Zone has a proposed site on Railway Street, where The Arts Partnership and Leigh Arms currently stands and will be a purpose-built facility for the town’s young people aged 8 – 19, and up to 25 for those with disabilities.

Andrew Turner, Chairman of the Chorley Group, which was voted Lancashire’s Family Business of the Year, was appointed Youth Zone Chair in October 2015 before the Youth Zone’s branding was revealed a month later as ‘Inspire – Do your thing’ following consultation with over 400 young people from across Chorley.

The Youth Zone is being created in partnership with Chorley Council, the Arts Partnership, Lancashire County Council and OnSide to make the new facility a reality for Chorley’s young people.