Chorley Group's Commitment to Inspire Youth Zone

As inspire looks forward to celebrating its 6th birthday, we are taking the time to reflect on some of the key partners and supporters who have been integral to our journey.

At the heart of this journey has been the unwavering support of Chorley Group. As one of our longest standing and dedicated patrons we would like to say thank you for your ongoing and amazing support!

Long before Inspire opened, Mr Turner was a driving force, becoming founding chair of the new charity, bringing together a dynamic board of trustees to provide growth and fundraising to ensure that Inspire could support thousands of local young people and meet the needs of the local community.

In the last 6 years, Inspire has supported over 10,000 young people, far exceeding initial expectations and the charity continues to grow and develop, thanks to the support of key local organisations, and none more so than Chorley Group.


Open when schools close, we offer a diverse range of activities such as arts, music, stem, sports, and more and is now a dynamic hub for Chorley’s community, providing a safe environment for personal development and growth, for young people and their families.

Janine Blythe, Inspire Youth Zone CEO expressed, “Inspire simply wouldn’t exist without the passion, commitment, and support of the local business community and first among those is Chorley Group. First to lead the way in becoming Founder Patrons, almost 6 years ago, always the first to support fundraising efforts, to lend advice and guidance as well as directly volunteer time and expertise. Inspire simply would not have been the success it is without your leadership and support – thank you!”

The commitment to creating equal opportunities for success is a driving force behind Chorley Group’s support. In 2019, Chairman Andrew Turner embarked on a remarkable fundraising journey, climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp. The initiative, supported by Chorley Group and the community, raised over £50,000. Andrew’s perseverance mirrored the spirit of Chorley Youth Zone, and his accomplishment at the age of 59 showcased the community’s dedication.

“The most impressive element is the consistent improvement and growth of Inspire. To consistently improve and become a core part of the community has been incredible to witness and play a small part of,” reflects Chorley Group on the impact of their involvement.

Chorley Group’s commitment to Chorley Youth Zone extends beyond financial support. Their belief in the transformative power of community engagement and collective responsibility echoes through the success stories and positive changes witnessed over the years.


“Chorley Youth Zone is creating an environment that gives young people the opportunity to flourish, to be listened to, and to ensure they aren’t overlooked or miss out on opportunities for success as they grow,” said Adam Turner, Managing Director of Chorley Group, on the unique impact of Inspire in the community.

Chorley Group’s journey with us stands as a testament to the power of community support and the impact it can have on the lives of young individuals. As they continue to champion equal opportunities for all Young People, the relationship between Chorley Group and Inspire Youth Zone remains a collaboration of change and positivity for the community of Chorley.