ABS Partnership: Demonstrating the Transformative Power of Business on Community Impact

Across the UK, ABS is renowned for providing industry-experienced professionals, to support other businesses and now they have formed a new but strong relationship with us at Inspire.


We were blessed to have this support blossom just six months ago, all beginning with their attendance at our annual Green Tie Fundraiser Ball as a guest of another supporter. This event sparked a partnership that has significantly stuck out for us as they joined as Prestige Patrons during our “Double Your Donation” initiative at the end of last year.


ABS have pledged an impressive annual donation of £12,500. This substantial support highlights ABS’s dedication to making a positive impact on the community. Their generosity reached new heights when they also donated £3,000 to support our Christmas meal for vulnerable families. ABS employees also volunteered their time on Christmas Eve to help serve meals on the day. In addition to this meaningful gesture, ABS’s staff have actively participated in fundraising events. Ten of their employees recently took part in the Chorley 10K event to raise money for us.

Janine Blythe, CEO at Inspire said “This thriving partnership with ABS highlights the profound impact that businesses can have on a community in very little time. Through their support and involvement, we are making a lasting difference in the lives of young people in Chorley.”


ABS is also getting ready to take part in the upcoming Golf Day in support of Inspire. We look forward to seeing how this partnership grows in the future and are in complete awe at the efforts we have witnessed so far.