We’re proud to announce Project Zone, a new addition to our programme!

Project Zone is our brand new exciting programme where you can gain skills, develop and get qualifications. During our innovative Project Zone you can expect to have a more structured and tailored experience that will specialise in developing a positive difference in young people. We are dedicated to delivering enriching learning experiences through a range of projects that inspires and educates. 

How much is it?
Prices may vary depending on the duration of the project and qualifications involved. Projects are block-booked.
If you or your child wants to stay for the session AFTER Project Zone, you will need to pay the ordinary 50p.

When is it?
Project Zone will run 4pm – 5pm Monday to Friday. Please note, some projects will run at a little different time, see the graphic below for individual start times. 

How do I book?
No project is the same and with multiple durations, availability and prices. To ensure it’s fair for everyone we are taking your registered interest and you will hear back from our co-ordinators whether you or your child will be on the project. Don’t worry if you are unsuccessful as we will be running more cohorts on these projects and you may be invited for future ones! 

How do I pay?
We don’t currently have an online payment methods and we are asking for payments in advance at reception during your first visit. We accept cash and card. Payments for Project Zone are non-refundable.

What if I’m away for 1 of the sessions?
If you know that you’re going to be away for one of the sessions, please let one of the co-ordinators know in advance. Failure to attend one session will result in a warning, failure to attend 2 sessions and you will be removed from the project.